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Rusty Solomon Opines On Why Newborns Look Funny

Everyone says newborns are beautiful, so you may be surprised when your new baby arrives with a pointed head and not looking his best. Rusty Solomon explains why new babies look the way they do and when you can expect to see your new baby’s real beauty.


After a vaginal birth, it’s no wonder the baby’s head is pointy or misshapen. As the baby moves along the birth canal, the head is molded to fit so the baby’s brain remains protected. According to Rusty Solomon, the baby’s head will return to its rounded, normal shape in a week. Babies born via C-section often do not have a pointed head, so their heads tend not to be misshapen at birth.


Rusty Solomon explains that babies have soft spots on their heads. These are gaps in the skull bones covered by thick skin. Openings in the front and back of the baby’s heads let the bones shift during birth without breaking or putting extra pressure on the brain. Soft spots also allow the brain to grow rapidly during the baby’s early life.


The rear soft spot closes when the baby is four months old, but the front one does not close until the baby is closer to 18 months.


Arms and legs

The baby lived in tight quarters during his last few months in the womb, so his arms and legs remain close to his body after birth. About a week after birth, the arms and legs will straighten and your baby will start to stretch out. Rusty Solomon explains that the baby will look bowlegged for a while after birth.

Many babies are comforted by swaddling because it mimics being confined in the womb.



Most babies lose weight after birth, but regain it quickly in the next few months resulting in a protruding belly.

The baby’s umbilical cord will remain intact for a week and a half to two weeks, but will dry out and fall off to reveal a cute belly button.


Breasts and genitals

According to Rusty Solomon, the breasts of both girls and boys are swollen after birth. This is due to excess hormones from the mother before birth. A milk-like substance may leak from the baby’s nipple after birth. This is harmless, but can affect boys as well as girls. Do not squeeze the baby’s breast to extract the liquid. Girls may experience bloody or white vaginal discharge.


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